How i kick started 2015


Wow i can’t think of a better way to kick start 2015. Well i do actually but this is fine for now.
Wow we are 3 days into the new year and I’m pumped. I closed off 2014 attending a goal mastery class with miss Rachel Jackson and her method of mapping out your goals for 2015 was awesome. She even made me write down the highlights of 2014 and when i did so i was stunned. For i remember saying that 2014 was going to be a year of growth, spirituality and connections and that was exactly what it was. I mean how can you not be excited ?
Now that i have mapped out the goals for 2015 i am completely pumped for now i have a much clearer view of the direction i’m going and i can break it all down to specific steps.


This year is going to be one of purpose. My goals is abundance in the areas of Health, Family and Finance. Many things are on the board and it’s enough to get one stoked. And on the second day of the year in i made sure i didn’t waste a second.

My 90 day challenge is over i lost my 10lbs (actually 20lbs) weight goal i have flatter tummy and free of pains. This challenge has been so much fun and more than a weight loss program it has been one of many personal challenges in many areas.  Breaking with bad habits, creating new and better ones, confronting and conquering my fears, accepting failure but never defeated and i pushed my own self imposed limitations.

The adventure has become such an addiction that i am actually going for my second 90 day challenge series. This is how i will make the healthy lifestyle grown on me until we become one. So guess what,  today i had another major accomplishment.  After almost 32 years i pushed myself to eating oatmeal.  Now you may think what is so special about that?  Well for me oatmeal represents trauma.
I Remember sitting at the table as a little girl and being forced to eat. I hated it as i  remember crying and gaging with every spoon.
But ever since is started on this health journey and  learned that having a bowl of oatmeal and berries in the mornings is good for a flat stomach when being on a diet,  i thought it was time to try to get over my fear. And yes i did it… it was quite good.

And to top it all today i recieved my two new books in the mail. One from Anthony Robbins on money. BTW finally after 18 years of procrastination i will finally be attending one of mr. Robbins event in London this year.