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Why do you hate Monday’s?

Happy Monday

 Yes it’s  Monday and as odd as it may sound I’m genuinely delighted when Monday is here for to me it is a symbol of a fresh start. It brings new opportunities, start all over, a new shot at rectifying things gone wrong the day before and a new chance to achieve my objectives, a new opportunity to cross the completion. I See it as a gift and i understand that i might  be one of the few that encounter that goes about it so bravely when other say that Monday sucks.



 Does Monday’s really suck or is it a result of auto-suggestion ?

In my 9-5 occupation an aspect of my responsibilities as a leader is to welcome the tenants and the guests each morning  as the enter the building. More often than not there is simply enough time to engage in a conversation  with them and  ask them how they are doing . What stuns me is the amount of individuals that begin  their week blaming the Monday for everything and as the root of all their misfortunes . This has had me pondering. What is it about the Monday’s anyway that would make a person put so much negative energy into it? Why is it that individuals respond so differently,  it’s just a day just another the day of the week right?

So I chose to do a test. I decided to ask everybody who would enter the lobby in the morning on Monday all grumpy: What has Monday done to you? Has The day itself done you any off base?

The most common response to this question  would be people looking at me puzzled.  The epiphany you experience when you say ” I have never contemplated that before, I never looked at it in that manner “. (Hahah Sorry I don’t intend to giggle however  I’m an exceptionally visual person and I can kind of see the cartoon version of things, it has a tendency to make  life seem more interesting LOL)

 A moment of self reflection?

Well most people when they catch their selves they will reply by saying : well  Monday itself has done nothing to me. Hmm still content I would then continue by asking: So if the day its self has done you no wrong then why are you so negative about it? Why do you accuse it for your unhappiness, discontentment  and everything else that  appears to not be right in your life? You do comprehend that it is only one more 24 hours right? Also only you have the ability to make of  it whatever you want ? Essentially by choosing between ” to Allow or Not Allow”. In other words the day itself (we Christians would say GOD, the creator or however you may call it)  is being very generous by granting you another 24 hours to do whatever you want and you should be thankful . I mean i don’t know about you but that seems like ABSOLUTE POWER as far as I’m concerned. 

Hey i would not want to mislead you but I do have one specific day in the week I’m not so fund of. That day of the week used to be the Sunday’s. Let’s be honest why the band U2 composed a tune about it called “Sunday bloody Sunday “. I’m not No joking i truly had a repugnance for this day because of the fact that growing up this would be the most boring day of the week ever.  Shops would be closed and living on an island it would feel worst especially my mother wouldn’t take us to beach, nothing on TV, and have people come over to the house you didn’t particularly liked and that you would always had to be on your best behaviour. Maybe you identify  

 Now, years later and now being  a  single fulltime working mother myself and part-time  mom- preneur and recording artist, Sunday’s have turned out to be very valuable and has gotten another meaning to me. I now cherish it,  I now see it, as a day to rest, heal and restore (Spend more time in my online business or quality time with my family)  and still on Sundays I look forward to anticipate Monday’s  because of the chance I’m given to start all over, an opportunity to build my business , work towards my dream and LIVE.

 After analyzing what is  described above I came to the realization  that those who complain about Monday’s or any day for that matter  are for the most part people that have never questioned  their own particular thoughts. They essentially don’t know how or why they act the way they do (normally the copy what others do) and as a rule have no objectives or genuine reason in life to which they look forward to. I speak from experience when I say, a change in disposition towards anything can make your life so much more pleasant therefor so much more easier. It begins with a thought that later on turns into a piece of your regular conduct which gives you certain results. Like attracts in like.

How about Changing your attitude towards Monday’s

So In order for me to help you create more positive attitude toward your day, week and even life you will need to adjust you state of mind towards and your convictions about Monday yourself. I would love to help you by calling you out to make it a habit of beginning your day and week more positively with something as simple as developing a sense of appreciation for being granted yet another day.

What worked for me

Here is what worked for me and i’m sure it will for you too it’s all about tr. What you can do before your feet touch the ground in the mornings. Just  Say THANK YOU for a new day, a chance fix or complete what was not done the day before. Speak it loud and with conviction. While looking in the mirror when brushing your teeth or get ready to go to work  remind speak it and say ” Today is going to be an extraordinary day regardless  ” . Furthermore when the voice of uncertainty and mistrust addresses you, asking you “what makes you believe that today will be an extraordinary day? Simply quiet him down ” Today is going to be an incredible day because I expect only extraordinary things, No matter how life decides to present it, it’s  going to be an amazing day.

Are you ready for a 90 day Challenge ?

Attempt this for 90 day in a row and see what happens. I tell things will begin moving. Goodness But first let me caution you for when progressions begin happening it will feel uncomfortable it will feel odd your loved ones may respond contrarily to your change in mentality and state of mind. They will criticize you and some point you might feel alone. But push through for what you’ll  receive in return will be beautiful filled with peace and very much worth it . Change is Growth and Growth is discomforting until you are ready to be okay with being uncomfortable.


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How you start writing songs after a writers block

My Writers block that lasted 10 years

A phenomenon many have heard of but have  no idea what it entails or what it feels like . I personally had a 10 year long writers block. I had enough life crisis, pain and drama  to write about but somehow i couldn’t get it on paper. I would sit down for hours to write but nothing would come up. It started with one day and that would become a week and a week became a month,  a years and before i know it 10 years had gone by.  I often questioned what was wrong with me ? I thought it was psycological thing and emotional blockage. But that didn’t make sense at all because i had enough drama to turn anyone emotional. So what was it ? Did i piss off  GOD ? What would make him so angry that he would take away my gift my talent? Did he also take away my ability to sing ?  I mean  i didn’t even sing for 5 years nor did i listned to the radio. I felt dead inside . Had GOD forsaken me ? Why was it that i had so much material to write about but my inspiration was there no more?  I didn’t understand it at all.  How long was it gonna take ? I was slowly accepting that my singer songwriting carreers was over. I had given up the  hope  that would ever write again.


A friendly intervention

But with a little small intervention of my best friend who never gave up on me and kept pushing me to go back to what i was good at and use my talents is what helped me break down the wall.  And it only came back when i decided to let go of my drama and problems and write about someone else or  something esle. I started small by writing blog posts  article and at the beginning of 2014 my first lyrics. And  after 10 years the silence got broken. I realised that my writing skills needed to be uesed  to serve the world to give value. That it’s not all about me.


Learn How the Artist STING overcame his Writers block

Here is an inspirational video on TED’s Talk where the Singer/Songwriter talks about his writers block and how and when he over came this blockage. The most nteresting thing is how much  i could relate to his story so  i had to share it with you.

He practically discribes almost the same thing but he goes deeper even when he speaks he sounds poetich.  Discussing selfdoubt and i personally like how he formulates it, ” Perhaps i have given too much of my privacy away”. He was reawarded for revealing his inner most thought  by putting his emotions on paper for the entertainment of the world. I so love that for it is something most don’t realize that we musicians expose so much of ourselves that is probably why we are sensitive about our art and what makes us  vulnerable.

The most beautiful part is where he realizes that his gift is there to give a voice to those that don’t have a voice of their own. He had to go back to his roots, back to basics so he can build again.  He sais how his best work ever were those where he did sing about himself but about someone else and how the more he did that the more he realised that what he sung was a reflection of himself. That is truly inspiring to me for being a singer songwriter myself i know what a writers block feels like . I felt and many other up coming artits  still feel that writing songs should always be about ourselves and that we should experience it all personally first , have a story before we can turn it all into a song.

Are you a singer songwriter and are experiencing a writers block ?

Maybe you  are facing a writers block right now than i think  this might just be able to help you allong the way . Watch the video here on TED talk and allow yourself to be inspired by one of the greatest songwriters as far as i’m concerned.




Composer, singer, author, actor, activist

He’s sold more than 100 million albums and earned 16 Grammy Awards, yet Sting continues to surprise. His fourteenth solo album, The Last Ship, features songs from his Broadway-bound musical of the same name. Full bio




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