How to regain control of your email box in just 4 steps



Regain Control of your inbox in 4 steps


What once was invented as an efficient and quick way to work today has become a concentration killer. Now a day the office worker drowns in the amount of email he receives. On average we spend two hour a day sending and processing new incoming messages.

” Prevent the Mail Monster from eating you alive and take over  your business.”


email monster

When Raymond Tomlinsen sent the world’s first email message from a computer in 1971, he had never dare to dream that decades later it would become the most popular and most used form of communication. With the rise of the internet in the nineties the email became something common and popular. And now in 2013 billions of electronic messages are being sent every day and we can’t imagine life without. An office worker gets an average of forty to fifty emails to process daily. This will more than happily interfere with our work. And according to research done by the U.S. Bureau Osterman Research over two quarters of the offices workers will click almost immediately on his inbox after hearing the beep sound or seeing the envelop icon on the lower right of their screen. Receiving may emails can give one a sense of unrest. Office workers can sometimes get over a hundred messages a day, which can result into inbox overload, people losing the overview and communication not going as it should.

What is most important is that you create more structure in your mail box and also create tasks that way you will have a better insight of your TO DO’s .

Start with creating a folder system . Many people leave their messages in the inbox while it was never intended to be used as an archive or a list. So clean up!


To regain control of your inbox follow these 4 simple steps  


  • Create a folder system

Make sure to empty your inbox regularly and organize your messages. Organizing your messages can be done by creating a folder filing system. In work folder you can collect all the messages of you projects or a specific customer. Add a letter to the name so they can remain in the correct order. To find the right folder you can use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + Letter). In the folder “Awaiting Reply” you can collect emails of which you want to monitor their progress. For Example a tender or a question that still needs to be answered make a separate storage area for large quantities of messages you want to hang on to a little longer.


  • Automatic Rules

Many people know this tool but make little or no use of it. Using these rules you arrange that an email with a specific keyword or from a specific sender will automatically end up in a specific folder. Suppose you want all messages from Tom White in directly in the folder “Administration”.

Go then to the message from Tom and click the right mouse button.  Then click on the rules or select Create Rules directly. Check first the upper box and below email folder to MOVE. Select the folder Administration. Click OK and now all posts from TOM White will automatically be sent that folder. I suggest you play around with it some more.


  • Organizing your tasks

Most emails you can process directly and those that require more time you will need to create a task for. With the task function you can directly add a date to a mail link which must be processed immediately it even includes a reminder alarm. The task will also be visible in your calendar so each day you will have a nice overview. To add a task you can use the keyboard shortcut (CTLR + SHIFT + K). You will get a window where you can add some information about the message.



  •  Clean up that inbox

With the use of the rules and creating a task list you will have a quite clear inbox. Now it’s a matter of keeping up with this system until it becomes a habit you do regularly and automatically. Messages of two weeks and longer are probably outdated. It is a matter of deleting or moving to the archived folders because a Tidy inbox is a tidy mind.


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How did google get to the devine status

common sense

 A Tribute to my Father and the wisdom he shared

In a couple of days it will be my Birthday and this year its extra special for it will Father’s day. But Father’s day was also the exact day i was born. I was this great gift from my mother to my father. I haven’t spoken or seen the old wise man in years now. Not that I don’t want to but because I haven’t had much success in locating him for how can you find someone that doesn’t want to be found. As a little girl I have always admired my father, I mean what little girl doesn’t to me he was this strong, intelligent, business savvy, visionary and incredible creative and handy man. He always had a solution for almost any challenge and he always spoke words of wisdom. Words I didn’t always get for as a kid or a teenager you always think your parents are only there to make you miserable.

But tell you what looking back on it all I have to admit that formal education did not teach me that many hands on things the most practical lessons and maybe the most valuable lessons were thought to me by my father and my grandmother. I was taught to have vision and a goal plan for but always expect the unexpected. Isn’t it the unexpected that teaches us the most? We learn what not to do and how to be flexible. So why be so fearful? We came into this world with nothing, bud naked and will leave with absolutely nothing. When you lose it all you learn appreciate what you have and when you give you make room to receive greater and better things. It’s simple as traffic of coming and going. Like the late Zig Ziglar said “you were born to WIN but to be a WINNER you must PLAN to WIN, PREPARE to WIN and EXPECT to WIN”. Powerful words but let me add this to it loosing is also part of the plan for it teaches you to let go and not attach yourself to the outcome. Life is about creating new paths around obstacles that you cannot move. When a plan doesn’t work, you simply move on to the NEXT. Keep reinventing yourself, Keep improving yourself and stay motion. Remember a moving target is difficult to pin down (it’s the sitting duck always gets shot first There is something i would like to share with you. Something formal education did not teach but that i learned from my dad and grandmother. To always trust and challenge yourself. Follow your heart and let your intuition guide you.

Being a Socialpreneur

This long introduction leads me to something that keeps me busy almost every other day. Being a Socialpreneur, I get to work with people. It’s what I love doing connecting, communicating, interacting, coaching, motivating and inspiring people who are stuck in life or their endeavors. Teaching awareness, as a Rocialpreneur my currency is giving value by being of service to the community.

Elevating  google to the devine status

Not so long ago after having a heated discussion with a person who had some weird idea that when in doubt the only trust worthy answer to any question would be found on Google.

I posted the following picture on my page.

Smartphone's and stupid people

Isn’t it fair to ask the following question?  Do Smartphone’s, computer and the internet, create stupid people?  Don’t get me wrong but I have a Smartphone and a computer both with access to the internet. But honestly when I learned how Google really worked I stop putting all my faith in Google and whatever searches Google came up with. This man was mad at me for telling him not to believe everything he reads and what Google tells him because Google like any other media only shows you what is convenient and is based on your graph and past searches making it biased. I tried to explain what motivated me to tell him all this because I knew how Google operates. He wasn’t getting and it was his remark that made my toes curl up like twister fries. It was my experience against what Google said. How crazy is that? These were his exact words:  He had stated that he had turned to Google for advice (sounds funny but true) and Google says XYZ and if Google says it than it is true. I was frustrated and sad because I realized that it is exactly these types of people that fall prey to the opportunist that feed their negative believes to the public.  So i asked if he believes everything that is on Google. Google is still a tool that searches content, content people like me and you and I put on the internet. In all honesty where there are honest, genuine and balanced people creating great content,  you also have those who are frustrated and negative and those really sad cases that use your fears and insecurities to lure you to their websites to make a quick buck and to get readers of the trash . I mean is that what tabloids, news and media are all about? It’s Not about the news but all about the sale or and now a days the traffic to the website.

I continued and asked him since when did Google become some kind of GOD? Reminding him that is it still an object, a thing with no life and cannot think on its own. Since when did humanity, who supposedly is the most intelligent being on the planet, become so primitive that it cannot use the one thing that would separate it from all other species? Common sense, the ability to choose right from wrong.  I asked him if he knew what the most powerful organ in a human body is. Is it the brain or the heart? His reply was a miserable attempt to make me feel less intelligent and replied with a question asking me why I would ask such a stupid question and proceeded by saying  of course it’s the brain. I smiled with confidence forgiving him for his defensive posture and replied” I bet you Google didn’t tell that your heart is the more powerful than your brains. For the heart is able to function without any help from the brain. But the brain can never function if the heart fails. The heart is the master of the entire body. We are emotional beings we respond to emotions that come from the heart and send signals to the brain telling it to cry or laugh. You know what; he still found it hard to accept.  And do you know why?


“It’s simple because my name is not Google”


What ever happend to common sense?

I remember the words my father taught me so clearly never put all my trust in a machine for it is made by the hand of man. Yet humanity somewhere down the road decided to put all their trust and all their faith into machines and technology. Our kids can’t count because of the calculator, soon they won’t be able to read because the rely on video’s and audio books .Heck they already don’t know even know how to write properly because their spelling is checked through the use of the auto correction on their Smartphone’s and the use of abbreviation, they won’t even know what a book or a piece of paper feels like a few years from now. There is an app for almost everything; one to tell you in what mood you are and when to relax. What’s next an app to tell you when or how to breathe? (By now there must be one)

Oh wait the next best thing would be the common sense app. I mean how many of us actually use the one we have built in. Again don’t get me wrong I love and enjoy using technology, especially if it used for its true purpose of helping those who need help like the blind or the imperative some are revolutionary and darn easy. I admit I do go gaga on gadgets because what they represents CREATIVITY but I make sure I don’t become fully dependent of them and always use my common sense.


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