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My Challenge 

As part of my Make things happen Challenge, a challenge i have taken on with myself to motivate myself in taking massive action towards reaching my goals.  At the beginning of this year, i had announced that 2013 would my year for success. You know these are usually the kind of resolutions many of us make as we start a new year. And yes i know that in the past i may have said these words many times over and never producing any results. But this year i was more than determined to let actions speak louder than words  and if i really wanted to see results in my life i had to make a concrete action plan to MAKE IT AL HAPPEN.


Creating a plan 

In order to make this all tangible i needed to put my plans and ideas on paper and specify it all step by step. Asking  myself  the following questions like;

  • WHAT  =>> What is it that i really wanted to do or achieve?
  • WHEN =>> When i would like them to be achieved and being specific with the time frame
  • HOW   =>> What are the necessary steps that needed to be taken.

I knew that each step had to be on paper under the conditions that I would actually act upon each without attaching myself to the end result. Don’t think to much and just do without expecting anything.Taking action must become an habit something you just do.


The Goal

My most important and perhaps only goal for 2013 must surely be working on my debut solo album with mostly self-written songs. A goal i have been  putting off for many years and almost forgotten. I guess in someway i had given up on myself because of past experiences that where mostly a result of being to young. Not being aware of what was going on around and not believing in my own my potentials. and thought that chances for this was a million to none. Maybe deep inside i didn’t believe that i truly posses the  power to create my own opportunities and i had never learned to see myself as a brand just my former record companies saw me. Now I knew i had to come up with a plan.


The action Plan

During my absence from the recording industry i had learned a lot about marketing strategies, personal branding and public relations and it dawned me that i could apply all that i have learned over the years to the realisation of my first passion MUSIC. So i did apply the first lesson learned, create a list of things that needed to be done, create an action plan. Not just a list of goals but a detailed list of  promisses or agreements that i could use as a guide or a road map. Now being on a budget made things extra challenging and something most of us would see as an obsticale we can never win from but i’ve decided that it would still remain a challenge and obstacle i would overcome. So i decided to create the right and positive mindset and stronly believed that some way and some how i would find the means , opportunity and the right kind of  people who will help in the  realisation of my dreams and plans.  The First on my list was representation i needed professional pictures as part of my personal branding and for marketing purposes. So i started asking around and within my network, family, friends and acquaintances  if anyone knew a good and talented photographer that could help me out with a photo shoot. It was actually my sister in-law who sat down and master minded with me that recommended a friend who just started her Photography business and was busy creating her portfolio. She gave me the name of website and  i immediately took action. Without having any expectations i first i visited her website FBYF.nl  to get a impression of her work . She had amazing photography on her website,  especialy the abstract ones and the ones which were shot on location. I noticed her talent for choosing  the right locations and making pictures that where not static at all. Her style of Photography make the background seem to be separate from the model or the object. Yes it got me excited for i could see a promising photographer in her work.




Meeting the FBYF Artist

After having viewed  FBYF website i didn’t hesitate a moment and decided to take action once more and contact her. My First step was contacting her by email asking for more information on working with her. Within 2 days she responded my mail by calling me to make an appointment to meet. Within a matter of days i was at her apartment to meet and discuss the plans and working methods. We connected immediately and i was struck by her professionalism, her talented, spontaneity and her energetic approach. I could see her passion and i knew that being on the set working with her would be fun and rewarding. When I left the apartment i was bursting with energy. The entire day i was excited not only because my actions were producing results but because my meeting with  the photographer behind  FBYF was positive and  promising. Boy was i looking forward to the big day.


FBYF on Location 

The day of the actual shoot was amazing. A few hours prior to the photo shoot  the weather wasn’t working in our favor so Fiola as agile as she is was already taking precautionary measures by preparing the set at her home studio. But as the hours were getting closer  the weather starting changing and the sun appeared shining brightly making it  possible to proceed with the original plan to do the shoot on location on board of  the SS Rotterdam cruise ship. It was sunny and very windy on the ship but having a photographer like Fiola made it a lot of Fun and much more easy. Personally i had never done a shoot on location before so i was feeling a bit awkward out of my comfortzone but because of the spontaneous and energetic personality of Fiola  made it a lot more easier and comfortable to work while half a cruise ship is staring at your every pose.


The end results 

It wasn’t long before i could get a sneak peek of the pictures , it was actually the next day that i could get my first preview of the results. Well i can say is am happy, grateful and excited with the results. Many pictures had been taken and i still have to make a choice of the all the pictures taken. Here you have a few of the many that i would like to share with you.

foto shoot 4403 rightsixio photo rights reserved










Working with Fiola from FBYF was for me  a great and fun experience and i’m really looking forward to working with her again in the near future. But i am most of all excited to watch her grow and see her someday become the great Photographer she is meant to become. To see more pictures from this shoot or enjoy more of her work  please visit her website www.fbyf.nl and be inspired.

Mean while i will keep taking actions towards my goal and win this GAME.

Thank you so much for stopping by and hope to see again.