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Could this be the beginning of a new adventure?


Could this be the beginning of a new adventure?

Ixiomara Burnett On stageWow how one incedent could work a catalist for something you’ve never expected. It’s one unpleasant happening opens the doors to places you never imagined. Is there an author hidden inside of me ?

Life is filled with adventures

Yes life is filled with adventures for those who are brave enough and not too lazy to take  action.

Oh how time fly’s when you are in the habbit of just doing and in theflow of acting. And today encouraged by my coach Vidal Cisneros  I thought I would just start write about my 25 years of experiences and adventures being in the music and entertainment industry. I have given it the value it should get. It’s a mistake many creatives do. We like what we do so much and we do it effortlessly that we never give it the value it deserves. I guess Vidal is right about that and it’s funny how your memory tends to start  failing you but as you start typing and you are in the flow you seem to remember so much more.

It’s seems like centuries ago

When i think of the  Euro dance era in the 90’s , from my very first record deal at the age of 19 to having the opportunity of a lifetime snatched away from me because of envy and being unfortunate to have an agent who was despised by insiders. Even though i was super driven, ambitious and focused I was still naive. A harsh world, only for the hard working and dedicated but not for the weak.  Where fragile dreams are easily crushed , hearts harshly broken and leaving footprints on your pride and where you confidence eventually perishes. I now realize I have spent more than half of that time on autopilot and in survival mode trying numb myself from not to feel too much,  never always enjoying the ride that often seemed surreal and what many could only dream of. Always on the go on the long hectic but mostly lonely road never allowing  myself to be still appreciate and acknowledge every single achievement for it may not seem as much for a woman who had never stopped dreaming and still has Goals and aspirations but to some it will still seems like that mountain they believe they could never climb. 

What’s next ?

I know my story can inspire many and the lessons learned could be blessing for some. My only aspiration is maybe to make someone’s learning curve shorter and less painfull.


Happy New Year 2014


To my dear friends family colleagues  acquaintances business associates. Within a few hours we will be celebrating the end of 2013. A year that was in my opinion illuminated by diversity with its ups and downs, gains and losses, sad and cheerful moments.  Some of us had to say goodbye to those we love and some of us witnessed and welcomed new life.  With every and there is a beginning and for 2014 my biggest wish for each and every one you is that this new year may filled with all your hearts desires. May it be merry prosperous, productive, educational or  inspirational. Whatever your choict may be,  may it be successful one filled laughter ,peace ,understaning growth, friendship and sugar coated with lot’s of LOVE.
With a grateful heart I say thank for being part of my life in your own special ways .