About Ixiomara

Ixiomara Burnett is a multi-talented loving mother of a son. Like a true power mom that raises her son all by herself she understands that giving up is no option. Next to her fulltime job as a security hostess she also managed to monetize on her hobbies. She did what came naturally and at a very young age where she pursued a career as a singer song writer and recording artist. After becoming a mother she diced to take it slow in the music industry to spend more time with her son. Soon she discovered that a go getter with an active and creative mind can’t be tamed, so she decided to take back control of her own life and dove into the world of an entrepreneur. She found her perfect business match in a network marketing company,  where within a year she became successful leader. She introduced her training on how to use creativity and craftsmanship to sell your products. Later on she became one of the leaders that used attraction marketing and personal branding techniques to grow her following. Wanting to spend even more time with her son at home since being a MLM leader and an artist meant traveling a lot and being away many nights in row she decided to explore the online world. She is currently building and expanding her brand worldwide as a Celebrity Branding & Attraction Marketing Expert, a Public Speaker and a personal development coach.
In 2016 she partnered up with a 20 million dollar company that is at the forfront of  nutrigenomics—a validated science that’s revolutionizing the health & wellness industry. Right as we speak this  she looking to break break the European market open and expend her organisation of freedom entrepreneur. She is always looking for new team members and creating new powerful and dedicated leaders